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Muleiha Desert, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

Finals tomorrow! Trying to study, also trying to emotionally prepare myself because if my life were a manga, the ‘going to summer school arc’ would be practically canon by now

I thought the pain chart scene in Breaking Bad could not get any worse but then I read the script and discover that Jesse was originally supposed to focus on the happy face instead of the sad one


nothing is ok

When I check the Breaking Bad archive on AO3 and see that there are no new updates my heart shrinks in my chest.

huskies in a basket

Almost every time I say cries or i’m sobbing i’m just exaggerating and i’m only upset but with Breaking Bad I’m never exaggerating. u better believe real tears slide down my face when I think about this show i mean

i have cried over other series’ before but I have never. cried. this hard over any of them. when i cry over breaking bad my face contorts into weird expressions, it is True Ugly Sobbing. it happens all the time too what the hell I cry when I watch it. I cry when I read fanfiction of it. I cry when I think about Jesse and how he got out alive but his life is so c o m p l e t e l y destroyed and how he’ll have PTSD and nightmares for the rest of his life and i just

Why. did things. have to turn out that way. how could i let this show happen to me. and why am I still so thirsty for it.